Rules & Regulations


Registration Procedure

Registration should be completed online at IUT IUPC official website at

An email will be sent to the coach and to the contestants for verification by our system.

Registration fee: Tk 4080 (Four thousand taka)


Important Dates

Last date of registration: (**Will be revealed soon**)

Last date of payment: (**Will be revealed soon**)

Mock Contest: 12th April, 2019          

Contest : 13th April, 2019

Number of Teams

Every university participating in the IUT IUPC 2019 will get at least one team.

Slots will be provided to each university depending on the recent ICPC performance.

The program committee reserves all the rights to accept or reject any additional teams.

The contest hosting university may be allowed to have additional teams, which will be decided by program committee.

Contest Rules

Each team has access to one computer with a specific set of problems which may be solved in any order.

The contest runs for five hours and consists of 8-12 problems. Ranklist will be available online to contestants and spectators. (The ranklist will be frozen during the last hour of the contest).

For any questions about the problems, you can send your clarifications through Toph. You must not ask any irrelevant questions to judges. In such cases, judges can take any decision even can disqualify your team.

In case of problem with network or system, please seek help of volunteers and system support team.

While printing your code, please write your team ID and room number above the code.

Teams are not allowed to use or keep any kind of electronic devices including USB drive, cell phone, smart watch etc. Browsing internet in any manner is prohibited.

*** If you are facing any problem in our registration process, then please knock us at our Facebook page.

*** Based on your performances in the competition, our sponsors might contact you in the future.

For further query contact,
Fardin Saad: +8801622036553
Ahsan Rezwan Zaman: +8801746800626

Registration Form

Information Regarding the Coach

Information Regarding Team Leader

Information Regarding Member - 1

Information Regarding Member - 2